The Gedanken Institute Book of Puzzles

The Gedanken Institute Book of Puzzles is now in its second printing.  The book contains problems from the Summer Institute for Problem Solving.  It is 192 pages and the answers are in the back.  Available at

Gedanken Puzzle book cover2


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  1. I tried to order your Book of Puzzles from Amazon and got the following message today:

    We are writing to let you know that shipment of the
    following order has not been confirmed by the seller within the expected


    Order ID: 110-7513009-7824268
    name: Gedanken Publishing
    Item(s) to ship:
    Name: The Gedanken Institute Book
    of Puzzles
    Qty: 1 ASIN/ISBN: 0988588919

    Because shipment of this
    order has not yet been confirmed by the seller, your credit card has not been
    charged and we are not able to provide you with shipment details.

    If you
    would like to ask Gedanken Publishing for more information about the status of
    this order, including the expected ship date, you may contact them

    Thanks for shopping on Customer

    Will you be shipping this book any time soon?

  2. Hello!

    I have tried to order Naked physics and Book of puzzles via Amazon, but they will not send to my (Australian) address.
    Please advise how I can buy these two books.

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