Past Institutes

What parents have said:

“Thanks for teaching my kids the joy of discovery and the pleasure in finding things out.”

“My kids loved the Gedanken Institute and came away with a whole new set of smart and motivated friends.”

“I’m confident that the problem solving skills my kids learned will help them in all aspects of life. Their motto from the course was, “Don’t be Fooled.”


What students have said:

“Finally, a class that teaches you how to think! I loved it!”

“This was a unique, interesting & fun course. I truly feel like I have learned skills I can use for the rest of my life.”

“This course was excellent. It was very difficult for me at first, but the more I worked at the problems & thought about them, the easier it became.”

“Very challenging. Learn thinking ‘outside the box’.”

“This class is very intellectually stimulating class. It causes me to think about things in a deeper sense outside of class.”


Other quotes:

“ Our students are always enthusiastic about Dr. Meyer’s course.  I would recommend his class for any student who wishes to improve critical thinking skills.”

Karen Rohde, Gifted Services Coordinator, Berea City Schools

President, Greater Cleveland Coordinators of the Gifted



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