About “Probably A Good Book”

“Probably a Good Book” is a terrific self-contained companion for the motivated youngster or life-long learner. ┬áThe concepts of probability are explained clearly, concisely and without pretentious mathematical terms. ┬áThe book contains a deep-dive into numerous problems involving probability — each of which contains a complete solution.

Unlike other books on probability, “Probably A Good Book” focuses on the development of the readers’ general problem-solving skills rather than the ability to plug numbers into formulas to get answers.

If you are interested in becoming a better thinker and a more creative problem solver, this book will provide a good opportunity.

The authors are Kaylee Yuhas and Sam Schwab, both of whom are currently in graduate school and Dr Edwin F Meyer, chair of physics at Baldwin Wallace University and the founder of the Gedanken Institute for Problem Solving.

The book is available at Amazon.com via the link below:


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